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Empowering whānau and kaimahi everyday

We're designed especially for the community and social care sector.

Recordbase keeps the person at the centre of their records. We help dozens of community sector NGO providers and thousands of health, wellness and social care professionals. We securely store the records of tāngata throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, empowering kaimahi to create positive change.

Designed by the sector for the sector, Recordbase understands the unique needs of social sector organisations working to improve people's lives. Our whānau of customers focus on areas like mental health and addiction, domestic violence and family harm, housing and homelessness, disability, supported employment, counselling and more. 

Give your team the tools they need to take better care of your whānau. Let your team get back to what matters - people!

Make it easy to do the mahi

Reflect the way your organisation works with simple streamlined processes. From simple note taking through to easy ways to capture staff time. Recordbase lets kaimahi get back to doing whats important. Get your team back out to where it matters not sitting infront of a computer screen!

Report better to reflect your kaupapa

Highlight what's important to your mahi with tailored reporting to suit you. Hundreds of pre-built reports can be run on demand, saving you precious hours. Our team can also work with you to build custom reports that meet your organisation’s unique needs and the flexibility to match changing funder requirements.

Bring your team together

Unite your kaimahi by bringing all of your important client interactions and records into one place. Recordbase is a simple centralised system that can be configured for your organisation.

A CMS where data is taonga

Privacy and data security are the foundations of Recordbase, New Zealand’s leading a social sector client management system. We know it’s more than just data, it’s people’s lives.

Multilayered access settings are designed to protect client privacy but give your team access to the information they need when they need it.

A place for the entire whānau

Record the support provided to the whole whānau to build a complete picture of well-being.  Recordbase gives organisations the ability to capture these important connections. Relationships between two people can be recorded against the individual file. With larger extended whānau we can capture this through our group functionality.

Sector experts

Designed for a range of kaupapa māori services including emergency and transitional housing, family violence, disability, supported employment, mental health and addiction services Recordbase offers years of sector experience build right in. 

We’ll work closely with you and your kaimahi to identify the best solution for your organisation and use our strengths in reporting and analytics to help make sure it’s the best fit. 

Recordbase has been PRIMHD compliant since 2008 and was the first client management software to offer PRIMHD compliant reporting for mental health services.  Let our team of  PRIMHD experts translate the jargon and codes to take away the headache of monthly reporting.

We also help New Zealand customers report to the Ministry of Social Development, Whānau Ora programme, and create PMRs.

Including whānau voices

When Raukawa launched their  Kai Ora Maara Kai programme they knew it was important to highlight the impact it made to the entire whānau and lift their stories out of the numbers.

By working with our team to capture the right information in Recordbase they where able to capture the right information, streamline processes, meet reporting requirements and celebrate the difference they made with powerful data stories. 

Watch their story

Let's work together to create positive change!

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