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The client management system where data is taonga

We take data seriously. Privacy and data security are the foundations of Recordbase. We know it’s more than just data - it’s people’s lives.

When security matters

When you use Recordbase and the services of Wild Bamboo, you are entrusting us with one of your most valuable assets—your data.

You trust that the privacy and confidentiality of the data you store and process will be protected and that it will be used only in a way that is consistent with your expectations. We take security very seriously and embed good security practices in everything we do. With over 25 years of sector experience, our team of experts understand that privacy matters, but we also know that letting the right people have access to that data at the right time, for the right reason is vital.

Everyday, we work on behalf of our customers to keep the information of tāngata safe and secure. 

We believe data is taonga.

Cambridge Community House is a registered charity, promoting personal, family and community wellbeing in Cambridge, Waipā. Their support can include counselling, supporting whānau, assisting with family harm incidents, budget advice and other community services. Recordbase lets them capture the information they need easily, maintain the privacy and mana of their client information all while improving everyday mahi, and reporting.

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Getting the balance right

Working in the social sector means balancing the need for respecting the privacy of tāngata  while ensuring your staff have access to the information the need.

Our system provides a flexible user, role, and permissions system configured to meet the needs of social sector organisations.  Recordbase access is controlled within the system, and access is defined by the organisation through user roles and teams or services/contract areas.  

Black listing, white listing and figuring out how or who has access to client information has access can seem daunting – our team can walk you through what works best and help you ensure your internal processes are robust in relation to security.

Everything that happens in Recordbase is tracked for auditing.  You can track who has access information, where they signed in from and changes made and provide a robust audit trail when needed.

What you need to know

Leading edge cloud storage
Protected by Microsoft Azure - leading cloud hosting service, trusted by Fortune 500 companies, social sector, and health providers around the world.
Multilayered access settings designed to protect client privacy but give your team access to the information they need when they need it.

Be reassured that your vital information is backed up. In the unlikely event you need it we can restore your data to a potentially 5-minute window over the last 30-day period.

Meets with all Privacy commission requirements for organisations working within the mental health sector.
Geo-redundant storage
Backups are stored in geo-redundant storage locations giving further protection against the possibility of outages impacting backup storage.
Access to data is strictly monitored and governed to reduce risk. Our staff only access what is agreed upon. We understand the importance of data stewardship.
Our infrastructure is monitored 24/7 by automated systems. Recordbase is reviewed annually by an external, third-party security company. This includes penetration testing and, periodically, code review for security. Any significant issues will be raised with customers immediately via their Recordbase admin. Other issues are generally resolved as ‘business as usual’ by our development team.
Recordbase is protected behind Azure Front Door, a modern content delivery network (CDN) with built-in security, that stops network and application layer attacks at the edge with Web Application Firewall, Bot Protection, and DDoS Protection. It allows us to secure your private backends and harden your service using Microsoft managed and custom rule sets.

Leveraging world class systems

Recordbase is fully supported by Wild Bamboo and is hosted using Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is a leading provider of cloud hosting services, trusted by Fortune 500 companies, social sector, and health providers around the world. Azure provides comprehensive, multilayered security, including the largest compliance coverage of any cloud provider.

Recordbase undergoes regular security testing. We make sure it meets all data protection and compliance requirements in the Privacy Commission guidance for organisations using cloud-based systems and operating in the mental health and wellbeing sectors.

Our partners Parallo and CyberCX provide cutting-edge support to ensure that the data we hold on behalf of our customers is safe and protected.

Recordbase meets the high government threshold for safety and security of client data.

The system does what it says it does, it’s safe and secure, meaning our clients and funders can trust how the data is captured, stored, and reported.

National Collective of Women's Refuges

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