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AI in Health: What does ChatGPT mean for me?

Wednesday 03 May, 2023
Online webinar

It seems ChatGPT can do almost anything ... we asked it to write the promotional blurb for this upcoming panel discussion .....

Hear real life human experts discuss the potential opportunities and limitations of the use of conversational AI systems such as ChatGPT in the health system.

Where might tools such as this be best applied to benefit human health and what issues should health professionals keep in mind before applying them in their practice?

According to ChatGPT, potential opportunities include; virtual assistance, medical education, mental health support, clinical decision support and patient engagement.

While limitations we should keep in mind are; data privacy and security, accuracy and reliability, legal and ethical considerations, technical limitations and the need for human interaction.

“While ChatGPT can provide valuable support and information to patients and healthcare providers, it cannot replace the value of human interaction and empathy in healthcare.” - ChatGPT, April 4 2023


Our panel of experts

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Nick Kemp CEO - Wild Bamboo

Nick has worked in information technology for more than 20 years. He has worked across technical, commercial, and social domains. Nick believes that data – and more importantly the rich stories between the numbers – can be a catalyst to create connections, spark new ideas, and drive change.

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Chris Paton Senior Lecturer, Digital Health. University of OtagoDr Chris Paton is the course director for the new online Digital Health postgraduate programmes at the University of Otago and the head of the Global Heath Informatics research group at the University of Oxford.Find out more
Prof Albert Bifet Director of the Te Ipu o te Mahara AI Institute at the University of Waikato

Albert is a Professor of AI and Co-chair of the Artificial Intelligence Researchers Association (AIRA).

His research focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Science, and Machine Learning for Data Streams. He is leading the TAIAO Environmental Data Science project, and he is co-leading the open source projects MOA Massive On-line Analysis, StreamDM for Spark Streaming and SAMOA Scalable Advanced Massive Online Analysis.

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Dr Tania Moerenhout Lecturer, Bioethics Centre, University of OtagoDr Tania Moerenhout is a Lecturer in the Bioethics Centre at the University of Otago. She has been working as a general practitioner since 2009, works part-time at Broadway Medical Centre in Dunedin and holds general registration with the Medical Council of NZ.

Tania's research interests focus on ethical questions related to the use of digital health technology. Her PhD examined the ethical challenges of electronic health records and patient portal systems, more specifically the impact these systems have on patient autonomy and the patient-doctor relationship. She has also collaborated on a project exploring ethical considerations of incidental and secondary findings in genetic testing.

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Webinar Facilitated by HiNZ News Editor

Rebecca McBeth

Rebecca McBeth joined the HiNZ team as editor of in January 2018. Rebecca was previously news editor at Digital Health Intelligence in London and prior to that, was the senior health reporter at The Christchurch Press, where she won a NZ Canon Media Award and a NZ Reporting Diversity award.

Based in Auckland, she is committed to communicating news, experience and knowledge throughout New Zealand’s data and digital health sector.