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Top 10 Power BI Blogs

Fuel your Power BI curosity with these super geeky blogs


Wild Bamboo's Data & Insights Manager Jillian Pennington has pulled together some of the top Power BI blogs..

PowerBI has a lot going for it – it’s a powerful tool for visualising data. It also has a relatively shallow learning curve compared to many of its more technical competitors. Plus, it’s part of the Microsoft suite that many Kiwi NGOs are familiar with.

One of the things I most appreciate though, isn’t actually in PowerBI itself – it’s the brilliant online community of users across the globe.

Whatever you’re trying to do, someone else has probably tried to do before, and there’s a pretty good chance they’ve written about it. We data folks can sometimes become a small, siloed group within an organisation but the online PowerBI community is boisterous, welcoming and generous with their ideas and intellect.

I try to set aside time each week to scroll through recent blog posts, just to get ideas and learn new tricks.

Here are a few of my regulars:

Welcome to – Learn Excel, Charting Online
Reza Rad – RADACAD
Guy in a Cube (Power BI Training and More)
My Online Training Hub (Power BI, Excel and More)
Power BI Blog—Updates and News | Microsoft Power BI
Mike Carlo of Power BI Tips and Tricks 
Chris Webb’s BI Blog 
Fourmoo Blog – data analytics made easy


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