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Flexible, fast reporting gives you more hours to focus on core business.

We know all about reporting

We’re big believers in how data-driven reporting can be used to tell the story of your clients and their wellbeing journey, provide organisational insights and improve decision-making. We also know it’s a time-consuming process.

Recordbase makes it easier. Hundreds of pre-built reports can be run on demand as part of your licence, saving you precious hours. The Wild Bamboo team can also work with you to build custom reports that meet your organisation’s unique needs, with flexibility to match changing funder requirements.


PRIMHD compliance experts

Recordbase has been PRIMHD compliant since 2008 and was the first client management software to offer PRIMHD compliant reporting for mental health services.

In New Zealand, monthly PRIMHD reports can be organised via a secure connection. We also help New Zealand customers report to the Ministry of Social Development, Whānau Ora programme, and create PMRs.


Make the most of your data

If you want to take your data reporting to the next level, the Recordbase reporting database provides a universe of options to supercharge your data analysis.

Transform data entered in Recordbase into powerful insights for your organisation and the people you support, with direct access to your data through the Recordbase reporting database. Find out more about Recordbase reporting databases here.

  • Use your preferred BI tool (such as PowerBI, Tableau, or Qlik) to create, configure and distribute data in your organisation.
  • Use data-driven insights to inform advocacy in your sector.
  • Build an organisational data warehouse that combines Recordbase data with your HR or finance data.

Sasha Ward-Faint, Data and project development analyst, Women’s Refuge

“The business analysts at Wild Bamboo are so good at looking at contracts and what funders need.”

They ask the right questions to ensure the reporting is going to get things across the line for us.

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