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Set up your own reporting database

We'll help you take control of your data.

The world is your data oyster!

We believe that data empowers organisations to make smart, insights-driven decisions.

Our reporting function turns your data into a powerhouse. Unlock a universe of options and transform your data into powerful insights for your organisation and the people you support.


How your reporting database works

  • Create, configure and distribute data across your organisation with effortless integration with your preferred BI Tool 
  • Collect all your important information (like HR or finance data) in one place by creating a data warehouse
  • Use data-driven insights to inform advocacy in your sector
  • Create real-time dashboards and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Schedule dashboard refreshes and notifications to work around your deadlines using a live data connection

We'll host your database securely

Wild Bamboo will take care of the hosting, maintenance and monitoring of your reporting database, so everything is running smoothly.
This includes:
  • Scheduling your database resources to scale up and down in order to optimise cost and performance
  • Monitoring nightly data refreshes and troubleshoot any errors or performance issues
  • Applying all upgrade scripts to keep your database current

Let's work together to create positive change!

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