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Product Roadmap

Our team are hard at work on our next great thing. 

Our current mahi

Wild Bamboo the people behind Recordbase are commited to constantly making Recordbase better. We do this by working closely with our whānau of customers to understand their needs. 

Our Product Roadmap gives you a better understanding of what our team of clever developers are working on right now and where our focus is heading in the future. 


  • Identity as a service

    Making the most of world class identity infrastructure to provide integration with your own organisational security to access Recordbase, we want you to have the same rich experience.

  • Improving user experience in the wider context of te ao Māori
    Ensuring that Recordbase better reflects the people that use it and the communities it serves.
    Our team are currently working at ways to better capture Iwi affliations.


  • Turning data into insights
    We think the data can drive positive change, and turning data into visualisations lets you tell a story quickly. 
    Our team are working to give kaimahi  and organisations access to information that is relevant  and summarised in a way that is easy to understand. We are currently developing easily accessible data visualisations that highlight key information.



  • Enable e-referrals in Recordbase
    Sharing important information about tangata easily between systems reduces staff time with data entry and errors. It also means that you get more information about the tangata you are working with.

    Our team are exploring how  organisations can host a public referral form that to submit referrals directly to Recordbase. This will empower organisations to have the ability to collect referral information directly on their own website.


  • Health Metrics
    Our team are working on better ways to easily capture, track and report on a broad range of physical health criteria.

Up next

  • User provisioning
    For any organisation that is leveraging single sign on in Recordbase, having to setup users in multiple systems is an overhead.

    We will explore ways to provide organisations with a way to automate this process.
  • Zavanti Integration
    Enabling a connection between Recordbase and Zavanti, means organisations will be able to see relevant information about the people they support directly in their properties without the need for manual data entry.
  • Improved group UX

    There are times when a referral can represent more than just one person, for example Family/Whanau Services provide support to the whole family group. or the need to record support for Households. Our goal is to make it easy to support and record group work in an intuitive way. 

  • Notifications for tāngata
    We want to provide a way for you to send notifications to the people you support. This can be used to mitigate the possibility of missed appointment

Coming soon

  • MedTech/Alex integration
    Using multiple systems is a reality for most health and social care providers. What shouldn't be a reality is the hassle of getting a single view of a persons care. By integrating with MedTech, we hope to remove one more barrier.
  • Consent Management
    We believe that data is taonga, and that people's data is their own, and they should be able to decide who they share it with. We want to ensure that Recordbase supports this and provides the ability to apply consent to all data sharing.

Got the next great idea?

At the heart of everything we do are the people that use Recordbase - we want to hear what you think so we can continue to make a solution designed for the sector by the sector. If you have an idea on how we can make Recordbase even better we would love to know!

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