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jillian hinz-1
Wild Bamboo teamJun 4, 2024 2:10:39 PM< 1 min read

Towards a data and insights-driven future

At the HiNZ Digital Health Leadership Summit, we led a series of table discussions with over 50 health sector professionals on the topic 'Leading change in data and insights'. We enjoyed connecting with clinicians, public health professionals, support workers, scholars, nonprofits, and product managers about the key opportunities and challenges they face in transitioning to a data-driven way of working. The conversation generated many ideas about what a data and insights-led future could look like.

Themes that emerged from the discussion:

  • Challenges in collecting data that is useable and high quality
  • Defining parameters of data collection
  • Using measures that are tied to outcomes
  • Data sovereignty
  • How to keep people at the centre of data-led decision-making
  • Creating a data-driven culture and improving workforce digital literacy

The discussion summary can be downloaded here