Wild Bamboo

Wild Bamboo is the talented team behind Recordbase

The Wild Bamboo team and all our world-class geeky expertise is part of the Recordbase package, working in partnership with you to unlock the value of your data.

We’re a specialist charitable organisation with a passion for technology that makes a difference for people, now and in the future.  

We first developed Recordbase in 2008 because we could see how social sector organisations needed to manage a lot of sensitive client data and report regularly on service delivery and outcomes; both internally and to funders.

Since then, we’ve also seen how that data can be used to accurately and effectively tell the stories of organisations and their clients, breathing life and detail into their reporting. 

Together, we’ll harness the possibilities of the information you hold, so you can make more informed and timely decisions to provide the best possible support to your clients.  

Meet the team

Sasha Ward-Faint, Data and project development analyst, Women’s Refuge

“The partnership with Wild Bamboo is awesome.”

“They’re always open to hearing how we need to use the system, and give good advice.”

Our roots run deep

Wild Bamboo is part of the Wise Group, a family of community organisations whose work includes health and wellbeing, education and training, workforce development and research, software development, housing support, employment and navigation services and business support services.

Wild Bamboo grew from the recognition that mental health NGOs in New Zealand needed to deliver on new reporting requirements in 2008. The team developed Recordbase, taking a by the sector, for the sector approach, and the result was so good we decided to take it to market.

Recordbase soon developed a reputation as a secure, easy to use, reliable and efficient way for community organisations to manage their client data.

It’s now being used in the mental health and addictions, supported employment, child and youth, refuge, justice, wellbeing, and disability sectors in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

The team at Wild Bamboo is committed to working with our customers to continually develop Recordbase, providing a world-class product with unbeatable service to match.

Recordbase features

Enjoy our user-friendly system

User-friendly client management

Recordbase is intuitive to use, making data loading more accurate and information easy to view.   TELL ME MORE 

Save hours on reporting

Easy reporting

Flexible, fast reporting gives you more hours to focus on core business.   TELL ME MORE 

Know your data is safe

Data security

Know your data is safe with secure cloud-based data management.   TELL ME MORE ›

Receive top class on-going support

Ongoing support

Recordbase can be configured to suit your needs from the start and our friendly support team is always available.   TELL ME MORE 

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