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Supported platforms and browsers

Recordbase supported platforms and browsers

Wild Bamboo is committed to an excellent and secure user experience for all our clients. To achieve this, we are required to set certain minimum standards for the technology used to access our systems.

We have three separate standards of support.

  • Unsupported: The platform is unsupported by us, and possibly the supplier. We actively discourage the use of this platform to access our systems, and reserve the right to block access entirely.
  • Best efforts support: The platform is not officially supported by us, and may have certain sub-optimal user experiences. The platform has not been through our extensive testing programme (yet), but our team will accept support calls and endeavour to resolve issues on a best-efforts basis.
  • Supported: The platform is tested and supported by us, within the constraints specified in the Support Level Agreement.

If a platform and browser combination is not explicitly listed below, then it is unsupported.

A note about Firefox and Chrome

Mozilla’s Firefox browser and Google’s Chrome browser are supported as follows.

The current version of these browsers is always supported, as is the immediately previous version. For example, if Firefox version 14 is the latest version, Firefox version 14 and Firefox version 13 would both be supported. Firefox version 12 and below would be unsupported. With Internet Explorer, we support specific version numbers. The latest version of Internet Explorer may not be supported immediately. Wild Bamboo recommends Chrome and Firefox.

Support status

Microsoft platforms

Windows operating systems prior to Windows 7 are not supported, regardless of the browser used.

Microsoft Windows 7

  • Internet Explorer 10: Unsupported
  • Internet Explorer 11: Best efforts
  • Firefox: Supported
  • Chrome: Supported

Microsoft Windows 8

Wild Bamboo only supports the desktop version of the following browsers, and not the modern UI versions. 

  • Internet Explorer 10: Unsupported
  • Internet Explorer 11: Best efforts
  • Firefox: Supported
  • Chrome: Supported

Microsoft Windows 10

  • Internet Explorer 10: Unsupported
  • Internet Explorer 11: Best effort
  • Edge: Supported
  • Firefox: Supported
  • Chrome: Supported

Microsoft Windows Phone

  • Any: Unsupported*

Apple platforms

Apple macOS

The supported Safari version dictates the OS X version as Safari versions are bundled with the OS X updates. 

Latest version of macOS. 

  • Safari 9: Best efforts
  • Safari 10: Best efforts
  • Chrome: Supported
  • Firefox: Supported

Apple iPad

Latest version. 

  • Safari: Best efforts
  • Chrome: Unsupported
  • Firefox: Unsupported

Apple iPhone (any variant, any iOS version)

  • Any: Unsupported*

Linux platforms

Android tablets (min 7" screen, any Android version)

  • Chrome: Best efforts

Android phones (any variant, any Android version)

  • Any: Unsupported*

Linux OS

  • Any: Unsupported


* iPhones, Android phones and Windows phones may work, but the user experience on such a small screen is not to our standard, and therefore we consider them unsupported.