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Frequently asked questions

Recordbase can be accessed through most web browsers. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Safari Internet Explorer and Edge for PC's and Safari for iPads/iOS tablets. See the full list of supported platforms and browsers

When your organisation signed up with Wild Bamboo, they would have been issued with a unique Recordbase URL (internet address). Currently the addresses should look like this:


The user guides are always available from within Recordbase. You can find it under the 'Help' menu in the top-right of the screen.

You can reset your password by selecting 'Forgotten your password?' on the login page of Recordbase. This button will take you to your security question page to reset your password.

Each organisation that uses Recordbase has at least one Recordbase Super User who should be your first point of contact in the event of a question or problem using Recordbase.

The Super Users have had training on advanced aspects of Recordbase, and are familiar with the policies and processes in place at your organisation.

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New Zealand

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Phone: 1800 017 785
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Phone: 0800 014 8438
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