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Kathryn Jones LFBIT

Sasha Ward-Faint
Data and project development analyst, National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges, Ngā Whare Whakaruruhau o Aotearoa

“Data quality is hugely important to us.”

The National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges (Women’s Refuge) comprises 41 independent refuges across Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Centralised funding and pressure from government meant the organisation needed to change from 41 independent databases to a centralised client management system.

The solution needed to be New Zealand-based, collect data across multiple service streams, effectively capture client information, and offer central reporting to funders.

Women’s Refuge chose Recordbase as its client management solution. Wild Bamboo’s extensive experience in the social sector meant the system delivered on every requirement – and much more.

Data-driven advocacy

Data collected using Recordbase is essential to the work Women’s Refuge does with government and the wider social sector.

“Data quality is hugely important to us. Our CEO, Dr Ang Jury, is big on data to back up the statements she makes,” says Sasha Ward-Faint, data and project development analyst for Women’s Refuge.

“Good data means we can report on trends and developments in family violence, highlighting capacity requirements in different areas, and demonstrating outcomes.”

With Recordbase as its central reporting feature and support from Wild Bamboo business analysts, Women’s Refuge found a flexible and adaptable system that met its needs.

“The business analysts at Wild Bamboo are so good at looking at contracts and what funders need, asking the right questions to ensure the reporting is going to get things across the line for us,” says Sasha.

She points to the additional $202 million of funding for family and sexual violence services announced in the government’s 2020 budget. “We know that our Ministry funders made extensive use of our service delivery data.”

Keeping clients at the centre

Recordbase also supports Women’s Refuge with a more individual, personal type of advocacy. “It’s more than just a data collection tool,” says Sasha.

“We are often asked to provide a voice for women and children when they’re working with police or other agencies, sometimes long after they initially engage with the Refuge service.

“Recordbase ensures every client has access to accurate records that effectively articulate the family violence journey she and her children are on.”

Recordbase signposts the complexities and challenges in the client journey, providing a record that can stand the test of time. “It allows us to capture client data that keeps her and her children at the centre,” says Sasha.

Most importantly, Women’s Refuge is confident in the privacy and security of the client data they capture and store. “Recordbase meets the high government threshold for safety and security of client data. That’s a huge thing for our refuges,” says Sasha.

“The system does what it says it does, it’s safe and secure, meaning our clients and funders can trust how the data is captured, stored, and reported.”

Easy integration for outcomes reporting

Outcomes reporting to government and funders has become easier, with the integration of the Outcomes StarTM Empowerment Star.

The Empowerment Star is an evidence-based measurement tool specifically designed for use with women who have experience of family violence. Women’s Refuge approached Wild Bamboo about integrating the tool with Recordbase to avoid dealing with multiple systems.

“We needed to use the outcome tool as an add-on to help with the shift towards capturing a certain level of data, but wanted to avoid duality of systems,” says Sasha.

Wild Bamboo’s wide social sector experience meant it already knew about the Outcomes StarTM tools. The integration was an easy process, done on time and with great effect. “Wild Bamboo took care of everything.”

Understanding and integrity

The knowledge and experience of the Wild Bamboo team has become a valued resource for Women’s Refuge.

“The partnership with Wild Bamboo is awesome,” says Sasha. “They’re always open to hearing how we need to use the system, and give good advice that isn’t about selling.”

“Whether they can provide the solution to something or not, it’s always clear and easy to understand why. They have integrity, and they’ve never steered us wrong.”

About Women’s Refuge

The National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges is New Zealand’s largest nation-wide organisation that supports and helps women and children experiencing family violence. Their vision is for all women and children in Aotearoa to live free from domestic and family violence. 

Kathryn Jones LFBIT

Kathryn Jones
CEO, Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust

“They understand the charities sector”

Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust in Christchurch needed a technology solution that would manage all of their client activity.

The Trust worked with Wild Bamboo to implement Recordbase in the last quarter of 2018 and early 2019, with a staged rollout to their 200+ staff.

“We needed something that not only met our client needs, but also met our contractual requirements and billing,” says Kathryn Jones, Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust CEO.

“With Wild Bamboo, we have the benefits of trust and transparency, working with great people, and a really good product too.”

Social sector specialists

The Trust did a lot of due diligence to determine their preferred client management solution. Wild Bamboo’s credibility and experience in the charities sector was a significant part of their decision to go with Recordbase.

 “Wild Bamboo has experience working with charities and not for profits. They understand the size and scale of what’s possible,” says Kathryn.

“They are real, professional and relevant.”

Together, a great team

Speech language therapist Peta Murphy was the Trust’s project manager during the implementation of Recordbase. She worked closely with the Wild Bamboo team.

“A Wild Bamboo business analyst and product lead were assigned to us, as a well as a report writer,” says Peta. “It was a really strong consistent team from the start. We had a high level of trust.”

“Wild Bamboo really listened to us and we appreciated the honest back and forth communication about our requirements. They were upfront, professional and prompt.”

Providing solutions

“The Wild Bamboo team thought a lot about the big picture in terms of what would be workable long-term for our needs,” says Peta.

“They were always coming up with ideas. If we came to them with an issue or requirement, they worked collaboratively to identify a solution that often exceeded our expectations.”

“I can’t speak highly enough about Wild Bamboo, how they worked with us and the service they provide.”

About Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust

Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust is a local, independent charity in Canterbury, New Zealand that supports people to achieve independence, inclusion and quality of life after a brain injury.

Angela Meyrick

Angela Meyrick
Operations manager, Progress to Health

“I’ll show anyone Recordbase – it’s very intuitive”

Progress to Health has been using Recordbase as their client management system for over 10 years.

As the organisation has grown and changed, Recordbase and Wild Bamboo have continued to provide a solution that’s responsive, easy to use and supports operational decision-making.

Intuitive and easy to use

Angela Meyrick, operations manager at Progress to Health, says the value of Recordbase is it’s ease.

“The feedback we get from the team is around ease of use,” she says. “Recordbase makes client management about how we work, not about how the software works.”

“It’s seamless to use and very intuitive, especially for new staff. Where possible, parts of the system have been customised to suit our language, our reporting requirements and our individual needs.”

Reporting is much faster and easier to manage. “I ask other organisations: how long does your quarterly reporting take? Mine’s done so easily,” says Angela.

“At any point we can say: this is how many people we support, this is how we’re meeting our contracts.”

Informed decision-making

When Progress to Health noticed a pattern of high DNA (did not attend) rates in the service, they used Recordbase data to identify a connection between on-site activities and DNA events.

“That prompted us to go out and talk to people and we found they preferred meeting in the community – at home, at the park, cafe or library,” says Angela.

“We changed our whole service model, making staff more mobile and reducing our reliance on offices. DNAs dropped by 90%.”

Recordbase data also helps guide operational decisions, such as whether to lease more vehicles for their mobile workforce. “Looking at Recordbase data about time spent travelling means it’s so much easier to see what we need.”

Consistently responsive

Recordbase and Wild Bamboo have been responsive to the changing needs of Progress to Health over the past 10 years.

“When we first did the mapping to use Recordbase instead of our paper-based system, we picked the options we thought we would need,” says Angela. “We’ve been able to change those over the years to respond to what our frontline staff are doing.”

She says she’s been vocal with the team at Wild Bamboo, telling them what the organisation needs and giving feedback on Recordbase. “They are consistently responsive and consider how we use the system, to provide solutions that work for us.”

About Progress to Health

Progress to Health is a community-based organisation supporting people with long-term mental health conditions or disabilities throughout the Waikato, Taranaki and Taupo regions in New Zealand.

They support people to make positive changes in their lives by developing their strengths, achieving personal goals and reconnecting with their community.

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