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Michael Hawkey
IT specialist, Connect SR

“Recordbase ticks all the boxes for us”

Connect Supporting Recovery implemented Recordbase in September 2013, after a thorough review to ensure the product would perform well.

“We did some investigation and Wild Bamboo’s product ticked all the boxes,” says Michael Hawkey, Connect IT specialist. “We liked the relationship with the Wild Bamboo people as well. Being Wild Bamboo is part of a large organisation, this gave the product credibility.”

Confidence around compliance and reporting

“Recordbase has really improved the internal knowledge our staff have around compliance and reporting,” says Michael.

Data accuracy had not always been easy to constantly achieve for Connect in the past, but it’s no longer a problem. And the team at Connect always know they can turn to Wild Bamboo if they have any questions or concerns.

“It’s just confidence in being able to approach the team and discuss anything we’re trying to do, knowing that we’ll get a reassuring response.”

Being able to account each step of the way

As well as relying on accurate reporting, it’s easy for Connect to internally review the services they’re delivering to clients.  

“At a team level, we’re able to see how individuals are going, or how whole teams are performing with service delivery. It keeps people accountable.”

“I have no hesitation in recommending the product. Our experience has been great. The Wild Bamboo team has always been helpful and they’ve helped in a timely manner. It’s been quite easy to share ideas and have them shared back as well. I know that when I send off an email I’m not going to get billed for that,” says Michael.

About Connect Supporting Recovery

Connect Supporting Recovery Inc. offers a wide range of services to people affected by mental distress and problematic substance use, including attaining goals in employment and accommodation.

Chris McNamara
CEO, Within Australia

“We couldn’t be happier with Recordbase”

Within Australia implemented the Recordbase client information system in 2013. They were preparing for major change in official reporting requirements and had been looking for an electronic system that specifically met all their needs.

Implementing the new system was a breeze

“When we first moved to Recordbase, it was a very planned approach, very methodical. Our staff had great training through videoconferencing. It’s been very smooth,” says CEO Chris McNamara.

Chris has been delighted with the service provided by Wild Bamboo, the organisation behind Recordbase. “They have really enhanced our reporting capabilities. The information is accurate and their response time is really quick. We’re only a small organisation, but the capabilities we now have through the use of Recordbase have been quite incredible.”

A focus on solutions

Within Australia has found there’s never an issue that Wild Bamboo can’t work through.

“There’s never a problem with anything that we ask them to do. Their focus is really about finding a solution. They’re very lovely people with great humour and they’re just a pleasure to work with,” says Chris.

They really want you to be very happy with the product. And they’re offering a really great product.”

I’ve actually already recommended the product a number of times. I can absolutely recommend them. I couldn’t be happier,” says Chris.

About Within Australia

Within Australia is a community-managed mental health service based in Victoria, Australia. Within Australia delivers psychosocial rehabilitation, recovery services and educative programs to adults with a severe and persistent mental illness, their families and carers.

Recordbase key features

Save hours on reporting

Save hours on reporting

Funder reports can be run on demand and are always kept up-to-date and compliant with their reporting requirements.   READ MORE 

Enjoy our user-friendly system

Enjoy our user-friendly system

Recordbase is intuitive to use which ensures data entered is accurate and easy to view.   READ MORE 

Receive top class on-going support

Receive top class on-going support

The support team work with you to ensure Recordbase suits your funding and organisational needs, plus provide on-going support to ensure this is always the case.   READ MORE 

Know your data is safe

Know your data is safe

Recordbase use secure cloud-based data management, has strong privacy settings and undergoes regular security testing.   READ MORE 

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