Know your data is safe

Data security

Know your data is safe with secure cloud-based data management.

We take data security seriously

We know it’s more than just data, it’s people’s lives.

Client data entered into Recordbase is securely accessed and stored via off-site cloud-based technology.          We use cloud-based storage because we believe it provides you with the best data protection and             storage availability. 

Recordbase undergoes regular security testing. At a minimum, we make sure it meets all data protection and compliance requirements in the Privacy Commission guidance for organisations using cloud-based systems and operating in the mental health and wellbeing sectors. 

Protecting privacy

Within the Recordbase system, strong privacy settings ensure data is only viewed by the people who have the right permissions to see it.

You can choose to set Recordbase to lock automatically if left open on your PC, iPad or tablet, giving you peace of mind if you forget to log out. 

Kathryn Jones LFBIT

Sasha Ward-Faint, Data and project development analyst, Women’s Refuge

“Recordbase meets the high government threshold for safety and security of client data.”

“The system does what it says it does, it’s safe and secure, meaning our clients and funders can trust how the data is captured, stored, and reported.”

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