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Reporting is key.

Take your data reporting to the next level with Recordbase reporting database.

Unlock a universe of options and transform your data into powerful insights for your organisation and the people you support.

Create, configure and distribute data across your organisation with effortless integration with your preferred BI Tool (Power BI…)

Create real-time dashboards and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

Have all your important information (like HR or finance data) in one place by creating a data warehouse.

Schedule dashboard refreshes and notifications to work around your deadlines using a live data connection

The Recordbase reporting database is a separate Azure SQL database that receives nightly refreshes of your live client data via a secure pipeline.

It provides direct database access to near real-time data, opening new doors to analysis, advocacy and decision-making.

Database hosting?
Relax, we’ve got this!

Wild Bamboo will take care of the hosting, maintenance and monitoring of your reporting database, so everything is running smoothly.

This includes:

  • scheduling your database resources to scale up and down in order to optimise cost and performance
  • monitoring nightly data refreshes and troubleshoot any errors or performance issues
  • applying all upgrade scripts to keep your database current.

Set up and hosting fees

There is an initial setup fee to get started with your Recordbase reporting database. A monthly hosting fee also applies.

User management

You choose who has access to your Recordbase reporting database.

We strongly recommend you take active measures to manage Recordbase database users responsibly and follow best security practices. This includes developing and adhering to an organisational data privacy and security policy. Questions? We can help point you in the right direction. Talk to us today!

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Database security – what you need to know

At Wild Bamboo we take the security of information we store seriously.

We understand it’s more than just data, it’s people’s lives.

That’s why Recordbase has many security measures in place to keep your data safe.

It is important to understand that the Recordbase reporting database does not contain a security model like Recordbase.

Granting direct database access to a user bypasses all Recordbase data security safeguards, giving them unconstrained and unaudited access to all your organisation’s data, including identifiable and confidential client information.

It is your responsibility to make sure you safeguard client data when using the Recordbase reporting database.