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Wild Bamboo attends the MoH–NGO Forum 2016

November 8, 2016

We were fortunate enough to be smuggled into the latest Ministry of Health NGO Health and Disability Sector National Forum' held in Wellington in October.

With more than 260 people from 175 organisations attending it was a fantastic opportunity to meet some new people from all areas of the health sector and catch up with old friends.

The forum speakers explored the five key strategic themes from the New Zealand Health Strategy and how non-government organisations (NGOs) can respond to these and form valuable partnerships with others in the sector to maximise positive outcomes for mutual clients.

The five strategic themes were:

  • One team
  • Closer to home
  • Smart system
  • People powered
  • Value and high performance

After a morning of thought provoking presentations (and 4.5 cups of coffee) MC Gareth Parry brought his abashed enthusiasm to centre stage and tapped into the ‘innovative’ side of our brains with interactive activities attempting to harness our collective insights and ideas.

This exercise was a fantastic opportunity to engage with many of the participants at the forum and share valuable insights from the health sector.

For more information on the conference and speaker notes please visit the conference website.